ViaBuff Medicinal Applicator

Medicinal Applicators

Want to apply and re-apply your lotions with no mess and no fuss?

The ViaBuff Medicinal Applicator has you covered!  Easy application of body lotions, medical lotions, suncare lotions, shower gels, massage creams, foot creams and even everyday lotions is yours with the ViaBuff Medicinal Applicator. The ViaBuff Medicinal Applicator is the new, state-of-the-art lotion applicator with luxury foam for all your skin care lotions with an easy-reach 19″ handle. Simply slip the applicator over the end of the handle, apply your product, and voila!

Medicinal Applicator

Unlike other medicine applicators, the Viabuff Medicinal Applicator has no adhesives. Typical lotions of all kinds can dissolve typical adhesive, and then adhesive by-products can be absorbed into the skin. Avoid toxicity! Using the Viabuff Medicinal Applicator, absolutely NO lotion is absorbed into the state-of-the-art, resilient foam.

Made in USA

Can Be Used TWO Different Ways for EVERY Type of Lotion!

The ViaBuff Medicinal Applicator can be used two different ways, closed-cell only, or duo open over closed cell!

The white closed cell foam can hold and apply for thicker, Vaseline-like applications.

In another option, the open cell green, black, and eggshell foam applicators fit snugly over the white closed cell foam. This two-in-one design is perfect for applying runnier lotions or medicines. No more rolling off or absorbing into the applicator!

ViaBuff Medicinal Application

How to Use:

Application:  It’s as simple as 1-2-3! Attach the medicinal applicator to the ergonomic ViaBuff handle. Spread a small amount of lotion onto the non-absorbent and resilient foam. You’re ready!

How to Clean:

To Clean:  Simply rinse with warm water.

How to Store:

The ViaBuff Medicinal Applicator works best with a tight, snug fit. It is recommended to store each component (white foam, green foam, black foam, handle) apart, in individual pieces. Can be assembled and reassembled many times!


by Nicki Zevola

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